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Self Contained Hydraulic Unit

Oil&Gas exploration, production, treatment and distribution plants are more and more often located in remote sites, consequently the request for providing reliable ESD valve shutdown systems able to work in condition where external power source is not available is highly increasing.

Following market demand Servovalve has developed a flexible module including a Self Contained Hydraulic unit suitable for service under the most severe environmental conditions, to be coupled either with quarter turn or linear spring return hydraulic actuators for pipeline valves to provide a fail safe emergency shutdown device.
Control unit is designed to provide a manual charging of the system and capability of maintaining normal valve opened condition for extremely long periods with a specially designed zero leakage hydrauilic manifold.

Emergency action is both manual and automatic, controlled by process pipeline Pressure Sensing valves that detect emergency high or low pressure fluid pipeline conditions, activating the emergency closure.
System include automatic safety action in case of fire with selected fusible plug valves and oil temperature compensation and pressure relief allowing the unit suitable for any environmental including sites with wide temperature range such as desert or artic climate.

PRODUCT: Self Contained Hydraulic Unit