Fast Acting Actuator

Since the beginning of his activity Servovalve has designed, working closely with technical department of  main steam turbine manufacturer, Emergency Fast Acting actuators for turbines by-pass valves.
Fast acting actuators are available in execution for on/off or modulating service in linear or quarter turn execution.
To maximize the already high reliability, due to their function of protection for the turbine or strategic and critical equipment, special executions have been developed using Belleville spring cartridges. Executions with rack and pinion mechanism also for big size quarter turn valves has been provided for extremely accurate modulating service or in case of important dynamic torques requirement.

To certify with extreme accuracy performance and stroke test, dedicated equipment and software has been developed in order to guarantee the respect of technical specification and simulate the effective working conditions in modulating and emergency actions  Fast acting emergency shutdown actuators are installed worldwide in a wide number of power plants of all the most important international turbine manufacturers.


PRODUCT: Fast Acting Actuator