Compact Actuator

Technical feedback received from Customers and End Users has clearly shown that one of main critical  features for Offshore & FPSO applications is the limited space availability.
Servovalve response to the rapidly increasing demand for compact actuators is the UCR series available in both hydraulic or pneumatic supply execution.

UCR series has been designed to provide same performances of scotch yoke actuators but, due to his innovative design, with a completely different result in overall dimensions, as showed in the below comparative figure.
Design is extremely flexible with the possibility to customize the ratio between external diameter and height adapting actuator construction to space availability on site and optimizing dimensions and weight to End User requirement.

Extreme compact design is particularly suitable to allow an optimum corrosion resistance and protection of internal parts, becoming the best solution for the extreme and severe working conditions of offshore, subsea and FPSO applications.

PRODUCT: Compact Actuator