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Pneumatic Single Acting Scotch Yoke

Servovalve Quarter turn pneumatic single acting actuators have different design depending on the output torque range, but common to all of them is the construction particularly suitable to ensure best performance in the heaviest and severe working condition. Well proofed heavy duty design concept provides a economical and reliable solution with the key following features:

• Execution with canted or symmetric scotch yoke&bull
• Totally enclosed IP 66 construction with complete protection for all internal and moving parts
• Fabricated carbon steel construction without use of aluminum
• Pneumatic cylinder in internally chromium plated carbon steel in order to minimize piston movement friction and prevent corrosion phenomenon
• Internal shaft in chromium plated alloy steel and bushings PTFE charged to reduce frictions
• Modular construction
• Standard operating temperature range min -20°C max +80°C. Available on request execution for low temperature (up to -60°C) or high temperature (up to 200°C)
• Emergency manual override available on request&bull
• Available certification: 2014/68/EU (PED) - 2014/34/EU (ATEX) - CUTR

Output torque range are the following:
RKPM-RTPM: up to 10.000 Nm
RCPM-RSPM: from 10.000 Nm up to 500.000 Nm

PRODUCT: Pneumatic Single Acting Scotch Yoke

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