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Hydraulic Quarter Turn Rack-Pinion

Quarter turn hydraulic actuators are available in double acting ( series RH ) or single acting ( series RHM ) execution. Design, engineering and materials adopted allow optimum performance in the heaviest and severe working condition. Well proofed heavy duty design concept provides a economical and reliable solution with the key following features:

• Totally enclosed IP 66 construction that provides complete protection for all internal and moving parts
• Fabricated carbon steel and nodular cast iron construction without use of aluminum
• Hydraulic cylinder is realised in internally chromium plated carbon steel in order to minimize piston movement friction and prevent corrosion phenomenon
• Internal shaft in chromium plated alloy steel and bushings PTFE charged to reduce frictions
• Spring cartridge designed with safety bolts to allow the replacement of the spring in field without any danger for operating personnel
• Modular construction
• Standard operating temperature range min -20°C max +80°C. Available on request execution for low temperature ( up to -60°C ) or high temperature ( up to 200°C ) or special executions for different temperature ranges
• Emergency manual hand wheel available on request
• Available out of standard execution for high output torques up to 200.000 Nm
• Available certification : 2014/68/EU ( PED ) – 94/9/CE ( ATEX ) – SIL 3 – CUTR

PRODUCT: Hydraulic Quarter Turn Rack-Pinion