Company / Engineering and research

Engineering and research

Special care and resources have been dedicated since the beginning to satisfy customer requests in special and out of standard actuators, developing a skilled engineering team able to propose custom made solutions to any kind of application coming from End Users or Engineering Company.

Servovalve technical Dpt. can rely on the latest 3D software for actuator design.
Finite elements mechanical stress analysis and motion simulations are currently adopted from our Engineers.
This top level ability added to the thirty years know-how and existing data base, allow accurate project realization and supports our Sales offices in providing fast replies to Customer request with detailed technical solutions.

Due to their innovative and unique design, many of the technical solutions proposed are actually under Servovalve patent.
Design of actuators is realized according to the most stringent international standards so to produce full control systems easy to be installed, used and maintained whilst remaining safe and environmentally friendly as the most cost effective and reliable solution to any flow control request.
All new projects are carefully tested during engineering phase with accurate simulations of working conditions and cycle load test, realized on our test bench complete of appropriate and sophisticate measurement instruments.

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